Feb 13, 2012

Fashion WTF Part 2: Grammy's 2012 - The Bad and The Ugly

From "The Good" to "The Bad and the Ugly" in my Fashion WTF Part 2.

And the winners are...

...Cindy Lauper. The two-time Grammy award winner looked like she was going to a Halloween party, rather than a red carpet event.

Next we have Nicky Minaj. She is a guarantee for fashion gone wrong at every event, but this Versace Red Riding Hood cape and the fake Pope on her arm were really one of my Nicky Minaj highlights.

Whoever styled Fergie this year should be sacked. Showing off too much skin in a too orange Jean Paul Gaultier dress, the singer really did not look flattering at all. 

French-American pop singer Nadeea looked like the black swan in this ensemble.

Robyn's dress paired with these Timbaland platforms was a flashback to the 90's - not in a good way though.

Russian singer Sasha Gradiva wore a not-so-bad pink gown. But why the gun-accessories?!

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