Jan 12, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter

It is finally time for my first blog entry and what better way to start than with THE news of the new year? Yes, I am talking about Blue Ivy Carter, our new It baby. Congratulations to Beyonce Knowles and rapper-hubby Jay-Z to the birth of their first baby girl.

The couple reportedly rented a whole floor of the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City where Beyonce had a scheduled caesarian section on 7th January 2012, paying around $1.3 million. 

So what is it with the name though? We were all wondering, but here's the reason for this unusual name: Blue stands for Jay-Z's series of albums with the name "Blueprint". Ivy stands for the Roman number 4 which is Beyonce's and Jay-Z's lucky number - both their birthdays' are on the 4th , they got married on the 4th and both have matching IV tattoos. 

Now that this is clarified, we are waiting for the first official pictures of little Blue Ivy and I am already very excited to see what the daughter of two fashion entrepreneurs will be wearing. I am pretty sure though that she will be a little baby stylista, just like Suri Cruise and Harper Seven. 

But Blue Ivy will probably not only have a closet the size of an apartment before she even can walk, Beyonce, Jay-Z & friends already spent around 1.5 million US dollars on toys and baby accessories. Among them a golden rocking horse, a Bugatti toy car and a Swarovski encrusted baby bathtub, courtesy of former Destiny's Child band mate Kelly Rowland. Blue Ivy will certainly grow up a little princess...

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